Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Cleaning Day!

It’s cleaning day around here.

I love cleaning day.  Really.

You know why?

The smell of fresh laundry as it’s folded and tucked away in a drawer or closet.

The scent of lavender kitchen spray as I wipe down the granite.

The way the mirror looks so clean after I wipe it down.

The dirt that comes up off the floor in the vacuum after I use the Swiffer.

The way the ring around the tub goes swimming down the drain.

These are wonderful.  But there is something even better.

It’s a time of worship for me.

It might sound strange, but it is also true.

I toss the normal routine of Bible, pen, and journal out for the morning.

I let go of that which becomes chore instead of joy when I hold too tightly to it...

And I put on a little worship music in the background and sing along.

I get lost in praise.

Sometimes I leave the music off and just talk to God. 

Though mostly I listen.  It’s a good time for that. 

And as I scrub and tidy, this heart of mine?

I think it knows that pouring out praise is the best way to do any work.

Want to join in?  Today, I'm putting on a little Jeremy Riddle. :)

Grace and Peace be ours in abundance as we pour out praise in whatever work the day has in store for us.

Jessica :)

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