Friday, June 29, 2012

A Paste List

A few weeks ago when Crossroads was going through a series, "The Backyard Gospel," I thought our pastor shared a very interesting idea when he talked about how he prays for his friends who are not believers. 

He has a “paste list.”

He, simply, writes their name on a list that he keeps on his bathroom mirror.  Each day as he spends time brushing his teeth, he prays that they might come to know the freedom that comes from relationship with Christ. 

He shared that he was beginning this practice again. 

He had to make a new list. 

Because his old list?  The people who were on it are all walking with Christ now.

This got me to thinking. 

How often do I pray for my friends who don’t know who Jesus is?

I used to pray right regular for them.  But lately, I confess I’ve not been very faithful.

I do believe prayer works. 

So why do I fail to make time for something that is this important—the lives of my friends?

I do care.  I want to faithfully pray them across the threshold of faith.

So, today, I made a paste list.

I like something pretty to look at, so I pulled out my scrapbook supplies.

I choose green cardstock for the new life I hope they will lead in Christ. 

I place on white a sticker with leaves that reminds me of the growth that comes when we walk with Him. 

I write in pen the words that Peter spoke to the Lord.

“We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” 

I want them to speak this too.  I want them to be disciples who follow Him, like Peter. Even though the walk will not always be easy.  Even though they might stumble. And even when others around them become deserters, as it was when Peter spoke it.

I write their names, dark print on light.  Each one of them loved ones.

I put tape on the back of this list and fix it to the mirror. 

So whenever I come or go from the bathroom I can pick a name and pray.  A new habit.

And I hope I will pray them right into the Kingdom.

Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we spend time lifting up the names of our dear ones who have yet to taste the goodness of the Lord.  May we be faithful friends in prayer and conversation.  May He draw them near—wooing and winning their hearts with His love.

Jessica :)

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