Friday, January 11, 2013

To Bring Us Home

It has been quiet around here for awhile. 

Over the last two months Jason and I have been making ourselves a little more at home in our new house.  In truth, Jason has done much of the work.  I have helped to rearrange a little, while being otherwise consumed with the fullness of real life--Christmas letters, baking, meeting neighbors, spending time with family and the normal daily things one does like making dinner and cleaning the house.  All this has been in the midst of pregnancy exhaustion.  It has been good and God has been good in the midst of all of it.

This time of learning to be at home in our new home makes me think of one of the ponderings for me this December as we celebrated Christmas.  Christ came to bring us home.

When I was at the Allume conference in October, one of my favorite sessions was one I didn’t expect to go to.  It was led by Laura Booz of 10 Million Miles and  I found most of the session wasn’t applicable to what I saw myself doing on the blog, but for five minutes God used her to speak straight to my heart about His heart.

Laura talked about the three parables in Luke 15the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the man with two sons. 

Of the shepherd she noted how he left the ninety-nine to go after the one.  She described how he said “I am going to go and be with you.  I am going to bring you home.”

Of the woman who stops to look for the coin, she described the woman’s tenacity.  “I’m going to be with you—search every nook and cranny until I find you.  I’m going to bring you back home.”

Of the Father she describes how he’s looking and he sees his lost son returning home and he runs to him.  He says, “I’m going to be with you, to welcome you.  I’m going to bring you home.” Then when he throws the party for this young son he notices the absence of his eldest son.  Then, too, he goes out to him.  He goes to be with him.  He goes to bring him home.

This is the heart of God.

So Christ comes. 

He comes to fulfill God’s promises.   

He comes to be Emmanuel—“God with us.”  

He comes to do what we could not do for ourselves.  

He comes to live a life obedient to the Father as His treasured child. 

He comes to live among us differently.

He comes to offer himself up for our sins, trusting in God’s goodness.  And God raises Him up from death to life.  He raises him up as an example of how we should live—lovingly and sacrificially as His treasured children.

In Christ, God comes to be with us.  He comes to bring us home.

It has been a month of seeking to receive this amazing gift.  It has been a month of resting in God’s love. It has been a month of seeking to share this gift with others.  It has been a month of living at home.

Now that we are mostly settled at home, I am hoping to be writing in this space again each week.  I am still praying through exactly what that looks like.  I plan to figure that out along the way.

I do know that I look forward to sharing this becoming journey of living at home in the Father's love with you in this New Year.


Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we receive the gift of the God who came to bring us home.  May we find that it leads us to a life long journey of becoming more and more like Him and living under the banner of His love.

Jessica :)

P.S.  I want to share a video with you of what it might be like to come home and live in the Father's love.  This is a video that Crossroads did in their series called A Journey Home.  It is an imagining of what the morning after the lost son returns home to his father is like.  Receive it as a gift.

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  1. So good to hear your voice and know the work of God in and through you to encourage others! Blessings! And thanks for adding the video... that was a treat too!