Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heart Cries and His Responses

Another prayer story close to my heart.  Prayer is relationship with God.  We pour out the cries of our hearts and God changes us through it.  This is a story of how I cried out and God met me this weekend as I was at Allume.  I wonder where are you calling out and where God might be trying to meet you in ways you didn't expect.


This weekend I attended Allume. 

I left, Thursday, unsure of why I was going and what God would do in the midst of this bloggers conference.

Sunday, I returned home with my wonderings satisfied.

In between, was a lot of silliness, good conversation, learning, and blessed moments. 

It was toward the end of the newbie meet up.  I was standing on the edge of the hotel lobby, in a group that was conversing around me, lost in the middle of the loud din that hundreds of women talking around hard surfaces cannot help but make.  I began to zone out in all the noise wondering inside, “God what do you have for me here?”  

Silence seemed to follow the cry of my heart. 

I went through the rest of the evening overwhelmed and tired, finally heading back to my hotel room to sleep.

It was early Friday morning when I woke, unable to fall back to sleep.  I lay in bed trying to sleep and instead tossed over the words that crossed my mind.  They were words from Crossroads, a week ago, and Phil Vischer and Sarah Mae, the night before. 

The longer I wrestled with the thoughts and the more the ideas rose, I began to sense that God was answering my prayer in a very tangible way.  In this realization, I began to tuck away the ideas that were surfacing and was able to fall back to sleep for a few more hours before breakfast.

The themes that I became aware of in the wee hours of the morning continued to jump out at me in the sessions all through the weekend:

Where is your identity, Jessica?  What is most important to you in all of this?  Is it Me?

Where are the priorities in your life, Jessica?  Are they in finishing your next post or in loving the neighbor who is next to you in real life? 

I found God saying “I need to be most important.  And if you go through the day and find yourself drifting, drift towards real life not a virtual one.”

Over and over again, as speakers spoke, this was the message I needed to hear.

I have been taking these thoughts to heart and plan to be making a few changes around the way I blog. 

So, if you find that I’m not posting quite as regularly as I have been, know that I’m probably investing in the real life relationships around me—the new neighbors I have, family, friends, and our Crossroads community.  Know that I’m probably investing more quality time in my relationship with God.  Know that I am enjoying the gifts that He has given me in different ways, like enjoying writing for writing’s sake not just to get something posted tomorrow.  Know that I may just need to use my energy differently as change in life and my family is happening.

I still plan to share here in this space.  There has been much good that has come from obedience in beginning A Becoming Life.  For this reason, I believe by heeding God’s voice much good will happen in this time too, both on the blog and in real life too.


Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we pursue God in wonder.  May we discover when we come to Him longing to see Him work it may happen in unexpected ways.  May we respond in obedience trusting that His way and His call is truly best.

Jessica :)

P.S.  The photos are from the Allume photobooth with my friends from Hearts Undaunted and Favored One. 


  1. I.JUST.LOVE.YOU!! Oh Jessica, what a beautiful gift God gave me, to hug on you and receive your smile and the quiet way your very spirit settles my hyper self in your presence. It seems dear friend, that in all these things you have come home full again. And I know your heart - full, so that you will be able to empty out His grace on others. Love you.

  2. Jessica, it was such a blessing to get to know you and spend the weekend with you! This is a beautiful post about your experience. Such wise words. I love how He spoke to you!

  3. Jessica,
    I love how the Lord meets us with his goodness and unfailing love nomatter where we are or what we think we expect! Thank you for being a part of Allume and hope to see you again next year!

  4. Hello There...I am FINALLY getting to all my cards from Allume. Sandy walloped us good and so i fell behind. i came to your card and saw your smiling face and it made me smile as well :0). It was such a pleasure meeting you and i especially enjoyed hearing about how God is working in your church! AMAZING! Look...there I am in that picture with Tobi and Mandy...Allume was a very special time! Glad we met...enjoy the weekend!

  5. Jessica,

    Meeting you at Allume was one of the highlights of the weekend! Your kind and gentle spirit were such a blessing in a new and daunting environment. Thank you for the sweet company. I am hoping we can keep connecting in real life back home too!

    Wishing you all the best on the journey God has for you!