Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Quick Prayer

Prayer seems to be on my mind.  Whether it was the conversation about politics that began this or the awareness that I will be talking about prayer in a month with a young adults group, I am not sure.  Whatever the reason, this post is one of a number of prayer experiences I will be sharing with you over the next month or so.  I'm praying that you will be encouraged and maybe even challenged by it.  I still am.

She called as I was sitting in the car reading a book outside the gym. 

My friend, called to find out how the move went.  I told her we had just spent our first night in our new home.  I shared how there was still so much to be done.  She asked how Jason and I were doing, asking how she could pray.  I shared a few things close to my heart—preparing to share with the young adults group, the jitters that come from new people and places (excited as I am about Allume), as well as a few other things.

Then, she asked me, “Would you mind if we just stopped to pray, right now?”

“I would love that,” I answered.

So she prayed.  In my heart, peace fell across each care as she lifted her voice—joyous and thankful and delighted—like a song as she talked to God about every concern.

When she finished, she said, “I’m going to let you go now.  Take care.  We love you both.”

I thanked her and wished her a wonderful evening.

After she hung up, I looked at my phone.  It had been ten minutes—ten minutes of being known and cared for and loved as Jason and I were lifted before the Lord. 

It was a blessing.

In the moment, I was reminded that prayer is a wonderful opportunity to bless others. 

As we pray, we can begin to love others.  We can encourage and listen and lift them before the Lord.  I want to do more of that in my friendships.

 Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we pray and are prayed for by friends.  May we bless and be blessed, love and be loved. 

Jessica :)

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