Friday, October 5, 2012

A Weekend Retreat

This weekend, I will be attending A Time of Refreshment retreat.  I am looking forward to a time and place that is set apart for women to come and meet with God.  It is a time of worship, silence and solitude, and celebrating what He speaks to us in our time with Him. 

As I think of this, I recall the sweet time with Him last year. 

The fruit? 

This poem and a refreshed heart.

I wake early
To come away
To meet with You.
I sit and savor slowly—words.
“Look.”  “Ask.”

So I journey with eyes wide and senses ready.
To see what I would see.
Camera in hand, I walk to capture ready beauty.

And I find—
Sinking softly in earth, crunching loudly through fallen leaves,
Meandering slow through grassy field, sliding swiftly down hillside,
Standing still at water’s edge

When my attention is caught
As I delight
I am able to see that which is just out of sight—
From mushroom to hidden seed
Down ancient paths, I am led to the foot of the cross

I journey
And as I “Look”
As I “Ask” to see
I find in my own looking—without Your focus
I am blind.


Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we find a time and a place to spend time with God.  Whether the time is short or long; whether the place is in the midst of nature or in the laundry room may it be sweet because He meets us there.  May we savor His presence and walk in step with Him out from that place refreshed.

Jessica :)

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  1. Beautiful, Jess! I pray that you had a blessed time at the retreat :)