Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Knots Again

The knots in my stomach—
Tighten and Constrict.
On and off.
Again and again.
All. Day.

As the thought of tonight’s event
Forms in my mind—
Drawing closer and closer,
Minute by minute.
A knot is added to a lengthening chain—
New people—new knot.
Alone to navigate a new place—another knot.
And it feels like I’d rather not go.
I’ve a swirled chain rattling my interior.
And I think I just might be sick.

So I gasp air and grab hold of Truth—
Deep breath.  Relax.  Believe.
My mind assents.

The knot remains.
So too, the Truth.
Two forces battling—
One solid rock.
Other shifting sand.

I breathe deep and go forth clinging to Truth.
I walk in the reality of the moment—
One step in front of the other—
Anxiety is quelled.

Taking one moment at a time.
Immersed in that solid Truth.
The Spirit God goes with me.
Giving courage to tackle
One obstacle at a time.
His presence near.
The knots relax—slow.
Truth has won.
Peace reigns.
And the joyous glow of His victory
Burns brightly in my heart.

Sometimes discipleship is like this--clinging tightly to Truth and trusting God one step at a time.


Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we cling to Truth and push through fear trusting God, one step at at time.  May we discover that He is able to walk us through more than we think we can handle.  May we find joy in the freedom that follows obedient faith.

Jessica :)

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  1. Well said... how well I know! Truth overcomes our fears... One breath, one battle at a time... one becomes more like Him... and one is free! Blessings, linda