Friday, February 1, 2013

Dance of Love

This week I did a little writing in the midst of Last Wednesday worship.  I am always surprised at where God takes me when I write in the midst of corporate worship.  I shouldn’t be by now; He always leads me and my heart toward His. 

Is it possible—
you are making me new?
To become bold,
when I have lived timid;
To reach out,
            when I feel so painfully shy.

Eyes fixed on you
I join with all things to bless you, Creator.
To worship in humbleness.
Not noticing me, but all attention set on you

Responding to your goodness;
            to your voice,
                        drawing me forward
Ever toward faithfulness—
            always beyond
                        anything I could possibly do on my own.

You never leave me.

We do it together—
a dance of love.


Grace and peace be ours in abundance as we believe that when we come with willing hearts God is pleased to transform us, making us new.  May we find that we are drawn toward Christ with our eyes focused on Him allowing our transformation to take place as a dance of love, with all the glory going to Him.

Jessica :)

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